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Our Journey So Far


The firm was established as GW Capital by Mr. Gary Wendt, HDFC and Ambit Corporate Finance.

Commitments, Memberships and Alliances
Responsibility in Investments
ESG integration in Private Equity

We apply our ESG integration approach throughout the deal lifecycle, from deal sourcing to exit.

Deal sourcing and screening
  • Every opportunity is screened through True North's Exclusion List
Two-step ESG due diligence phase
  • Step 1 - Preliminary assessment and Risk Categorization
  • Step 2 - Detailed ESG due diligence
Investment decision
  • Results of due diligence considered by Investment Committee
  • Investment Agreement to reflect agreed ESG Action Plan
Active ownership and stewardship
  • ESG KPIs monitored through the ESG Assessment Framework
  • Providing guidance to partner companies through knowledge sharing workshops and support in implementing ESG policies and practices
  • Analyse the progress of partner company across our ownership period and building on opportunities for value creation
  • Company remains resilient even beyond the ownership period
The ESG Assessment Framework

We have developed a digital ESG Assessment Framework to engage with our partner companies to track and monitor progress on ESG KPIs, reflecting the present state, maturity and performance.

The Framework draws guidance from industry leading frameworks such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, United Nations Global Compact, S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), and Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) Framework, amongst others.

User Input
  • Organization Information
  • Sector of Operation
  • Questionnaire Response
  • Assess Organization's performances based on 3 aspects divided into 30+ Themes and 130+ Questions & KPI's
  • Scores organization based applicability and weightages assigned to questions for each sector
  • Provides graphic representation of Organization's performance
  • Generates recommendations for the Organizations to improve sustainability practices
ESG Tool for Private Credit

We have developed an ‘ESG Private Credit Risk and Maturity Tool’ to ensure ESG risk evaluation in Private Credit investments.

The Tool follows a 5-step due diligence process to screen potential investments.

  • Every opportunity is screened through True North's Exclusion List
Preliminary Risk Questionnaire
  • High-level risk questionnaire to decide on the applicability of the next step
Risk Screening
  • Identify associated ESG non-compliances, assess ESG maturity, and identify ESG risks
  • Investment decision is made and necessary ESG terms and conditions are discussed
  • Lending agreement is finalised and signed. Certain aspects of 'good ESG behaviour' can be considered for incentivisation
Climate Action

True North is committed to Climate Action. We have achieved carbon neutrality in our own operations. We have developed our approach to address climate risk of our partner companies through our Climate Risk Assessment Tool which helps them understand their climate risk – both physical and transition, and thereby take steps needed to mitigate the risks identified. We have now embedded climate considerations and associated risks in our investment screening and due diligence process.

Climate Risk Assessment
across our portfolio

We have conducted a Climate Risk Assessment based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (‘TCFD’) recommendations. We assessed our partner companies across the 4 pillars of TCFD i.e.

  • Governance: Organization’s governance around climate related risks and opportunities.
  • Strategy: Formulating a strategy for Climate related issues that may affect an organization’s business.
  • Risk management processes: Identification, management, mitigation and adaptation of Climate Risks - Physical and Transition.
  • Metrics and Targets: KPIs in place to measure and monitor climate-related risks and opportunities.
Reports & Disclosures
ESG Report
ESG Report
TCFD Report
Carbon Neutrality
Report 2021
Carbon Neutrality
Report 2022

UN PRI Transparency
Report 2023
Climate Transparency
Report 2023