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A catalyst in creating a conscious high performing business ecosystem

True North is one of the most experienced Private Equity firms in India.

We partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to building conscious, high-performing businesses across our core focus sectors. For over two decades, we have sought to establish long-lasting partnerships and create universally admired and socially responsible businesses.










We work towards a future where meaningful partnerships and intellectual and financial capital work collaboratively to create universally admired and socially responsible businesses that deliver boundless value to all stakeholders.


Invest prudently and passionately in ethically inspiring and agile businesses that deliver trusted, top decile returns.

Foster enduring partnerships between businesses and stakeholders, creating vibrant, enterprising, open-minded communities where knowledge is shared and embraced.

Create customer-centric experiences build admired, responsive and sustainable brands, which place customer trust and delight at the core of their being.

Prioritize pioneering thought leadership propel future-focused innovations which drive the evolution of business itself.

Cultivate a diverse, inclusive and creative culture, rich in individual and collective talent, where personal expression is encouraged and potential is nurtured.


We believe that it takes passion and hard work to build a high-performing business.

It takes extraordinary commitment, deep passion and a lot of sacrifice to build a high-performing business. We respect and appreciate the business you have built and seek to only further your legacy as entrepreneurs. As equity partners, we will invest time into fully understanding your values and vision upfront. Post investment, we endeavour to be a conscious, thoughtful, and trusted partner, especially during challenging times. Should it ever be needed, our partners have access to a wealth of resources and expertise drawn from across our network of affiliates.

Based on experience from several opportunities, we believe that True North is the perfect home for your business if and when you decide to divest a majority stake in it. Post investment, we work empathetically with the existing team to identify the business's strengths and build on them whilst retaining its underlying ethos and character.

We genuinely believe that investment transaction processes should take minimal time of the management team – whose time better spent on business building. With this philosophy and recognising the importance of a fair market valuation to a company, we remain committed to achieving win-win deal terms, with early deal certainty and a swift conclusion.

We strive to support our CEOs in unlocking their complete potential as entrepreneurs.

After spending several years at large multinationals or conglomerates, many business leaders feel the urge to become entrepreneurs themselves. Doing so requires a sympathetic and supportive financial partner – one who shares your vision and values. To date, we have partnered with over 50 business leaders, and remain committed to working hand-in-hand to generate returns, delivering boundless value for all stakeholders.

Our business management team plays a supportive role and works closely with business leaders to realise the full potential of the business.

Our ethos enables multinationals to expand their portfolio

We firmly believe that the real sustainable difference for any business is its culture. Many conglomerates and multinationals find this ethos aligns with their own philosophy, making our partner companies a very good fit into their business portfolio. This creates a win-win situation where our partner companies find a large platform to flourish and multinationals find an excellent opportunity to expand their portfolio.

We are fully committed to transparency at every stage of the deal process. Over time, we aim to build a reputation where buyers are comfortable buying equity stakes from us with limited due diligence.

We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously

We understand that Limited Partners repose a tremendous amount of trust when they commit capital into any of our funds. Our team is one of the most experienced private equity teams in India and takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously. Above all, we strive to deliver consistent and top quartile returns in a socially responsible manner. Our focus on majority deals and promising track record of successful partnerships has positioned the firm as a preferred partner for all mid-market business, especially in our focus sectors: financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, consumer products and services, and technology products and services.

Focus Sectors

True North has been an active consumer investor since its inception with a focus on building valuable, enduring and socially responsible businesses for all stakeholders. Our current and historical portfolio includes growth equity investments, buyouts and platform creations partnering with visionary consumer entrepreneurs. We have had the privilege of supporting endeavors in the personal care, wellness, retail, e-commerce, food, and services sectors consisting of both brand and service-oriented companies.

Our partnership proposition to early stage and established consumer entrepreneurs lies in our unique structure that brings a blend of financial, entrepreneurial and operational capabilities to our partner companies. Our sector team comprises individuals with extensive industry experience in senior operating roles and an investing team with deep domain knowledge of the consumer ecosystem having backed several leading companies.