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Anand Narayan

Chief Digital Officer

Anand joined True North in 2016. He focuses on information technology, both current and emergent, and drives the transformation to digital enterprises of True North’s partner companies.

Prior to joining True North, Anand was a Vice President at IBM, where he worked as the Industrial Sector Leader for Asia Pacific. His portfolio included all manufacturing spanning electronics, automotive, chemical & petroleum and industrial products. Anand has also served as Industry Solutions Leader spanning multiple Industry verticals with the objective of driving next-generation solutions. Over the last two decades, he has worked with a wide diaspora of large and small organizations, helping them with their technology interventions.

Anand is a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and a Masters in Computer Applications from Mumbai University. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

In his spare time, he likes watching sports, listening to music and is a wildlife enthusiast.